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Disposable Micro-invasive Fascial Closure System Model A

Scope of application:

Used in laparoscopic surgery to gather tissue, percutaneous suture, in order to close the incision.

Product features:

• The unified and fixed suture guide channel can accurately align the wound surface of the incision and suture the peritoneal layer and fascia layer, which is beneficial to the incision suture, achieve the best fascia closure effect, and effectively reduce the incidence of puncture hole complications such as puncture hole hernia and puncture hole bleeding.

• The method of closure from the inside out is adopted. The needle gap does not need any auxiliary retractable suture line, which significantly reduces the time and difficulty of incision suture.

• Suture needle tips with passivated punching and bending to minimize the risk of needle stab wound and silica particles falling off.

• The movable design chuck can control the insertion depth of the suture line through the primer, effectively isolate the abdominal wall, so that there is no downward pressure during the primer penetration, maintain the pneumonitoneal cavity, and effectively control the risk.

• Adopt the working mode of "lift and open, push and close the chuck", which is more in line with the operation habits of doctors.

Product Specification:


Effective body length(mm)

Chuck opening size(mm)

Body shell diameter (mm)

Effective suture needle length(mm)

Outside diam of suture needle (mm)