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Disposable Micro-invasive Fascial Closure System Model B

Scope of application:
Used in laparoscopic surgery to gather tissue, percutaneous suture, in order to close the incision.

Product features:

• The operation is more convenient, and the incision closure is fast and effective.

• The manual operation is changed from open to closed suture to reduce the chance of contamination surgical field.

• Cross-stitching can be performed to avoid blood supply and tissue necrosis.

• Anti-piercing design, it’s more safe and effective, completely solve the risk of puncture needle piercing other tissues.

• The shield structure of wire rack is designed to be firm and reliable, accurately match the wound surface of the incision, maintain good blood circulation of the incision, ensure better healing of the incision tissue, and effectively prevent the incidence chance of hernia after the operation.

• Eagle beak hook can accurately, quickly and firmly grasp the sutures to avoid the dropping of the thread during the operation.

Product Specification:


Effective body length(mm)

Wire rack opening size(mm)

Body shell diameter (mm)

Effective puncture needle length(mm)

Outside diam of puncture needle (mm)